Refund And Delivery Policy

In Case of refunds,

SEO and other Services:
We provide a dynamic refund of our services because of the nature of these services. And in SEO we provide a partial refund if we failed to move any keywords in our 3 months of time.

Web Design and development, Content Creation Service:
We will review your website and make changes 100 times if need if we failed to match your satisfaction level. We only refund our orders if we can’t fulfill the order request or are in an unavoidable situation. In the case of web design and development services, there are situations where we can offer a full refund because of the nature of this service.

When It’s About Delivery,

Usually deliveries depend on the project volume and requirements of the clients. So it will be discussed before we start our work. If the time need to be extended the client will be informed.

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